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PARKS must remain a Family Friendly Oasis

‘Until the late 19th century much of our city space was owned by private landlords. Squares were gated, streets and Parks were controlled and enjoyed by the people at their discretion. The great unwashed, many of whom had been expelled from the south by economic realities, were also excluded from desirable parts of town in urban areas in the north.

Social reformers and democratic movements tore down the barriers, and public space became a right, not a privilege. But social exclusion follows inequality as night follows day, and now, with little public debate, our city centers are again being privatized, semi-privatized or over regulated. They are being turned by the companies and or governments that claim them into soulless, cheerless, pasteurized places that have little regard for the spontaneity of family friendly activities, in which plastic policemen harass, interview or ticket anyone loitering without intent to shop. For some reason the citizen desire to loiter in or outside of Parks (uninpedding anyone else) just because that's what they want to do has become an offense to the government.

Street life in these places is reduced to a trance-world of consumerism, of conformity and atomization in which nothing unpredictable or disconcerting happens, a world made safe for selling mountains of pointless junk to tranquillized shoppers and a "sleep walking" constituency, that have accepted the violation of their freedom. Spontaneous gatherings of any other kind – unruly, exuberant, open-ended, oppositional – family friendly are regulated, oppressed or banned. Young, homeless, eccentric and self help people are, in the eyes of those upholding this dead-eyed, sanitized version of public order, guilty until proven innocent.’ To oppress what's good for the sake of the rule is counter productive, to the foundational necessity to encourage fellowship and mentorship between our youth and seniors. The resent so called "Knockout" occurrences confirms the disconnect between our youth, elders and the community. We know that ones sense of community, has a direct correlation to a reduction in senseless crime and violence. For the train of thought, with objections that may be rational, the only impediment is creative legislation or at the very least lax enforcement for minor (so called) violations.

A great way to add value to interrelationships between generations in the urban area is "cook outs" (perfect example is the ENY Father's Day Bar B Q), especially during the summer months. Yet regulations and prohibitions have made it impossible to institute spontaneity into a family friendly dialogue and or activities. We reject and at the very least, question the need to request permission from government to fellowship with resident of our community without prior notice (especially if that fellowship does not interfere with others).

UBUNTU= I am because we are 

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"Safety Beyond Policing" is the correct narrative!

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Tanaya Copeland's case is still unsolved. The first victim of the summer of 2013 strategy.

“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

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