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The inclusion of true African American History in the mainstream curriculum is the foundation for civility, respect and anti bias incidents. Grades K-12 is where culture is developed. Once again the united Black vote came to the rescue of the Democratic party. Now it's time for the Democrats and wayward progressives to show good faith and stand in support of the AAHB S1135 in NYS. Log onto the state website: search S1135 and vote "Yes" in support. 

Brooklyn Collegiate Preparatory H.S.

Held right in the heart of ENY 2015

Vincent Riggins BLC Pres. 

Scott Stringer NYC Comptroller

Karen Caldwell 

TA Pres Pink Houses 


Families of Starrett

9/2017 - 2/2018


Community health walk -

live entertainment!

Sen. Roxanne Persaude 19 Dist

Assemblymember Latrice Walker 55th AD